Cryptid Tales

It looks like Captain Crawfish has decided to take a look around Cryptids Island.  Here are his two posts, telling about his travels!

Tales from the Cryptids

Cryptids Island can be dangerous for an old salt like me. Sea legs I’ve got. Mountaineering arms, not so much. Good thing I found a guide to help me out.

Cryptids Island will be open to everybody next Tuesday, January 18!

More tales from the Cryptids

Whether an ocean or a lake — or “loch,” as some call it — I’m always more comfortable on a boat than on land. But during my trip to Scotland in Cryptids Island, I was the passenger and not a captain. I even found time to take pictures.

Did I find proof of the Loch Ness Monster?

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Cryptids Island will come out to non-members on January 18th, which is tomorrow!

Also, I was thinking that it would be a good idea to have an authors only page, which could be protected with a password that only the authors know.  On that page, there could be a list of things that people are doing and what needs to be done, that way, some authors, like me, don’t have moments where they have no idea what is going on.  It was just an idea, though.  Let me know if you like it!