The Tron is in the HOUSE! :D

Hai poptropicans, it’s me, CyberTron! You may remember me from the beginning of PDB but I had to leave but now I’ve returned, so I’d to thank NT, FB, and IC for letting me in, and I hope they ( and you guys, of course! ) like me! PEACE! 😀


Dragons Galore!

There are some new followers in the Poptropica Store!

There are three types of dragons.

First, the red dragon:

The red dragon can breathe fire.

The next dragon is the yellow dragon:

The yellow dragon breathes balls of smoke that have smiley faces on them.

The last dragon is the blue dragon:

The blue dragon, instead of breathing something, cries every few seconds. (Poor little guy. 😦 )

The Dragon Followers cost 250 credits.

Bigfoot Buddy and a Long Winter’s Nap

Sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time!  Since there are so many posts that we have missed, I am just going to do the last two.

The first post is about a new costume in the Poptropica Store, called The Bigfoot Fanatic Costume.

My Bigfoot Buddy

My new Bigfoot buddy goes everywhere I go.

Right now we are gazing at a lovely shrub that is in the shape of the Loch Ness Monster. You can go pick up a small, furry friend like mine at the store. Look for the Big Foot Fanatic outfit.

He is the perfect thing to keep your head warm when you search for the Yeti in the cold, mountain blizzards.

avatar image

The costume costs 100 Poptropica Credits for non-members and is free, of course, to members.

The next post is about the Creators settling down for a long winter’s nap until January.

The Creators settled in for a long winter’s nap

Seasons greetings, Poptropicans! Now that the holidays are here, most of the Poptropica creators will be taking a little time off to rest and recharge. When the new year arrives, we’ll be even more excited to make lots of new Islands and adventures for you to enjoy in 2011.

No matter where you are in the world, or what holidays you celebrate, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year. We’ll meet back here in January!

avatar image

Happy holidays!

~Icy Comet

Bye For Now

Hi Um This is Really Awkward but I’m Leaving. I dont Play Poptropica Anymore so I don’t see a point staying on this blog. I don’t really have time to get into this, so I must go. Goodbye, I love you all, I just don’t love Poptropica anymore. We’ve grown apart. I must leave now. Goodbye.

Olo– I mean HELLO!

Hi guys I am theflamebringer and I am obsessed with 1. Harry Potter 2. Poptropica(duh.) and 3. Stardoll. They are all seriously addicting. My blog rrypotterfanclubhp is more about Harry Potter than poptrop. but I post about Poptropica sometimes. I am a textaholic, but I am getting better.  I can’t wait to make an exciting Poptropica post!

                                                       Peace out Muggles……

Daily Pop is in Poptropica!

Daily Pop has arrived in Poptropica!  Arriving with it, is a new page that everyone sees when they first log in to Poptropica.  From the page, you have access to Daily Pop, the game part of Poptropica, the Store, and your friends page, where you can use Multiverse.

Here is the Creators’ post, telling all about it.

Daily Pop is here!

You might have noticed that Poptropica was down for a few hours this morning. That’s because the Creators were busy putting the finishing touches on the newest addition to the Poptropica experience!

Now, whenever you log into your saved Poptropica game, you’ll have even more to choose from. Jump right into your game, or check out the Daily Pop!

With Daily Pop, there’s something new to enjoy on Poptropica every day. Read comics, play games, and see sneak peeks of upcoming Islands that you can only find in the Daily Pop. Plus, there are a few added improvements that we think will make your Poptropica adventures even better.

Check it out!

avatar image

So, what are you waiting for?  Click on the link the Creators’ post and check out the new-and-improved Poptropica!

Does anybody know what Daily Pop is?

Besides the Creators, probably no one knows what Daily Pop is.  The Creators said that it was coming soon, but that is all they said!  Here is the post:

Friday, November 5, 2010

What is Daily Pop?

I’m not sure, but it’s coming soon!

avatar image

I have no idea what Daily Pop might be.  Leave a comment if you have any ideas!

Neat Tornado:  Hey peoples!  I’m not dead!  But more importantly I found out what the daily pop is!  I found a web site that said this…

“Poptropica is launching personalised pages, enticing players with daily quizzes and comic strips, and pitching the site as a new platform for comic syndicators, which he says are “petrified” by newspapers’ decline.”

That, my friends, is the daily pop.  It will be the daily quizes and comic strips, plus your personalised page(or wall, if you want to get facebook on me, xD).  So, there. 

Until Next time….  Neat Tornado