I am going to keep this short and sweet.  Here are the things that you need and need to put in your comment to apply…

A wordpress account

Your e-mail on blog(s) you work on(if you have any).

What job you want.

What you are good and bad at on a blog.

And that’s it. So what are you waiting for! Apply!


11 Responses to “Apply”

  1. theflamebringer Says:

    Ok,I want to be an author,my wordpress account is magicglove and I post a lot and I often have gammatical errors. I’m the manager of Dizzy Goose’s band,DG Pops.

  2. theflamebringer Says:

    haha I mean grammatical errors lol see?

  3. theflamebringer Says:

    woo hoo! if you want you can read the blog i made a few days ago to learn more about me 🙂 give me five seconds to freak out in all caps,please. WHOO_HOO! OH YEAH THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! YEAAAAHHHHH!!!!

  4. theflamebringer Says:

    sorry ’bout that, anyway, thank you!

  5. theflamebringer Says:

    Hey is there an email adress for the blog?

  6. Icy Comet Says:

    Welcome to the team!!!! 😀

  7. theflamebringer Says:

    thanks guys! PS do you need one? I can make one and save the trouble for y’all.

  8. CyberTron Says:

    Hai Neat Tornado! I haven’t talked too much in a LONG time, and I was wondering if I could join again! Here’s the info:
    Account: Yes!
    E-mail:, I don’t use it that much, though…..
    Job: A author, please.
    Good-Bad: I’d said I’d post often, (A good amount at least!) but I might have less use because for me, school vacation ends tomorrow, but hopefully I can post! 😀 Oh, I could maybe get more sponsors! Ya know, blogs, e-bands, stuff like that!

    Okeydokey, Happy New Year, Neat Tornado! ;D

    Neat Tornado: Sure! It will be good to have you back!

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