The Tron is in the HOUSE! :D

Hai poptropicans, it’s me, CyberTron! You may remember me from the beginning of PDB but I had to leave but now I’ve returned, so I’d to thank NT, FB, and IC for letting me in, and I hope they ( and you guys, of course! ) like me! PEACE! 😀


4 Responses to “The Tron is in the HOUSE! :D”

  1. Icy Comet Says:

    Congratulations, CyberTron! 😀

  2. CyberTron Says:

    Thanks! It’ll be sick working with you guys! OMC, you did capital T! (I didn’t mean for it to rhyme! XD) Oh yeah! 😀

  3. Neat Tornado Says:

    Good to have you again

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