Olo– I mean HELLO!

Hi guys I am theflamebringer and I am obsessed with 1. Harry Potter 2. Poptropica(duh.) and 3. Stardoll. They are all seriously addicting. My blog rrypotterfanclubhp is more about Harry Potter than poptrop. but I post about Poptropica sometimes. I am a textaholic, but I am getting better.  I can’t wait to make an exciting Poptropica post!

                                                       Peace out Muggles……


One Response to “Olo– I mean HELLO!”

  1. ☾❀яανєη¢ℓαωgυяℓ❀☽ Says:

    Hmph! How dare you call me a muggle! You must be a mudblood to mistake me for nonmagic folk!

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