Daily Pop is in Poptropica!

Daily Pop has arrived in Poptropica!  Arriving with it, is a new page that everyone sees when they first log in to Poptropica.  From the page, you have access to Daily Pop, the game part of Poptropica, the Store, and your friends page, where you can use Multiverse.

Here is the Creators’ post, telling all about it.

Daily Pop is here!

You might have noticed that Poptropica was down for a few hours this morning. That’s because the Creators were busy putting the finishing touches on the newest addition to the Poptropica experience!

Now, whenever you log into your saved Poptropica game, you’ll have even more to choose from. Jump right into your game, or check out the Daily Pop!

With Daily Pop, there’s something new to enjoy on Poptropica every day. Read comics, play games, and see sneak peeks of upcoming Islands that you can only find in the Daily Pop. Plus, there are a few added improvements that we think will make your Poptropica adventures even better.

Check it out!

avatar image

So, what are you waiting for?  Click on the link the Creators’ post and check out the new-and-improved Poptropica!


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