Hot Air Balloons and Castles equal…

…a very strange island.  Sorry posted in awhile, I have been really busy!  Anyway, I’m going to talk about the Creators’ two newest posts, since it would take forever to do a post on all the posts we haven’t done.

Here is the first post, written by Comic Kid.

Come fly with me

Up, up in my beautiful balloon…

avatar image

Here is the Creators’ second post by Captain Crawfish.

Castle crashers

Great Pumpkin Island has been out for a week already! Hopefully, that means you’ve had a chance to play it. If not, what the heck are you waiting for?

But if so, you’re probably already looking forward to the next Island. So are we. Soon, we’ll share a lot more information about the next Poptropica adventure. For now… here’s another sneak peek!

Not exactly a castle in the clouds. More like a castle in the fog.

avatar image

One more thing, since it was never officially announced on this blog, Great Pumpkin Island is now open for nonmembers!



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