Halloween is almost here…

…which means that costumes are starting to arrive in Poptropica.  The first costume to arrive is the Pumpkin Head costume, which Captain Crawfish tells more about in his post.

Halloween is coming!

With Great Pumpkin Island now available for Poptropica Members (and coming for everybody on October 14), Halloween is on a lot of people’s minds. Well, why not visit the Poptropica Store to put a Halloween costume on your Poptropican, too? This one’s my favorite:

Since “Great Pumpkin” is already taken, we’ll call this one a very good pumpkin.

What’s your favorite Halloween costume for your Poptropican to wear?

avatar image

The Pumpkin Heads come out to non-members on the same day that non-members can first play Great Pumpkin Island.  Funny coincidence, isn’t it?  Maybe it isn’t a coincidence, at all! 😉


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