Members Now Have Access to Great Pumpkin Island!

You heard it right!  Members can start playing on Great Pumpkin Island today!  Don’t believe me?  Here’s Captain Crawfish’s post telling about it!

Great Pumpkin Island now online for Poptropica Members!

It’s no trick, it’s a treat! Early Access to Great Pumpkin Island is available NOW for Poptropica Members!

Members, log on now to play Great Pumpkin Island!

avatar image

See?  I told you!  Non-members will be able to play on Great Pumpkin Island on October 14th.

Before I go, I just have to say one thing: This is my first official post on The Poptropican Data Blog! 😀  I know I’ve already said this about ten times (not really) and that I’m probably overdoing it, but thank you SO much for letting me an author on your blog, Neat Tornado!


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