I’m BACK! Plus, I’m badder than ever!

O.K, I know I’ve been gone a while, and I was busy, but I NEED AUTHORS!  I can’t keep this blog going on my own ya know.  O.K, I will go from the latest post, and go from there………..

Thursday, September 23, 2010

It’s a conversation piece


Imagine having something like this on display in your home. You’d need a pretty big house — not to mention money to burn!

What kind of bird is that, anyway?

Sorry about no picture… I am trying to fix that.  Just to catch you up, there is a new island called the Great Pumpkin Island, and it stars the Penuts Charicters.  so…. thats it.  I need more authors, so just make a comment and I will e-mail you.

~Neat Tornado


2 Responses to “I’m BACK! Plus, I’m badder than ever!”

  1. Icy Comet Says:

    I would REALLY like to be an author! 😀

    Neat Tornado: SURE!

  2. Icy Comet Says:

    Thanks so much! Can I go ahead and start posting?

    Neat Tornado: Why not!

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